Shipping Furniture From the USA to Germany

American expats are usually left in awe when they hear what it will cost to move their furniture across the ocean and to their new, beautiful German home. It’s nice being able to pack up and move everything with you when you make the decision to change your residence. Especially when you’re moving to a whole new country rather than across state, it brings a certain comfort knowing that parts of home are still with you. Perhaps you can’t part with your furniture because you’re more than certain that you won’t be able to find pieces that are equally as great anywhere. Maybe your reason for wanting to bring your furniture with you is due to an emotional connection. Or perhaps you’re just not sure how much furniture costs in Germany, and you’re opting for a cheaper, more efficient way out. Whatever your reason is, be certain that you’ve taken certain things into consideration and have done thorough research before you go ahead with the process.

Shipping furniture can be exorbitantly expensive. Expats have reported spending over $0,000 US to get a full container from the United States to Germany. Once your furniture has arrived in Germany, you may be subjected to additional costs by customs. And then there’s the task of getting the furniture home, where you’ll have to hire a truck and spend more money to have things picked up. Expats are usually exempt from custom charges, provided they aren’t bringing over a container full of brand new furniture. With these prices, it may be smart to check with your company to see if they will be willing to withstand the costs. If not, be certain that this is a decision that you want to make, as if you are on a short term contract, it may not be worth it, having your furniture shipped to Germany for such a hefty price and then having to pay that price once again when your stay comes to an end.

If there is a piece of furniture, or a couple pieces that you just can’t do without in Germany, then consider bringing only these pieces rather than your entire living room and bedroom along with you. You will be able to find furniture in Germany. There are lots of furniture stores with a wide selection of products to choose from. If you’d rather not have to go through the hassle of buying furniture and having to wait extended periods of time for your furniture to be delivered, then consider rental furniture. This option has increased in popularity due to its convenience and hassle free measures. With a rental furniture company, you won’t have to worry about picking up the furniture, long waiting times, or having to sell when you’re ready to head home. You’ll also have a wide selection of both furniture and appliances to choose from and in addition you’ll be spending less money, and still be able to beautifully furnish your home.


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