Shopping at the US Military Base

Being able to shop on the United States Military Base is a privilege that is afforded to the members of the United States Military and their families. This is not something just about anyone can enjoy. The shops on the US Military Base are the dreams of many American expatriates who have been in Germany for a long period of time. There are so many items that they offer that one can only find in American grocery stores. In addition to this, they are relatively cheap. Things like, vanilla extract, Ranch dressing, Lucky Charms you can find it all.

Of course, you can have your family members and friends back home ship you your favourite items so that you will be able to get a touch of home while you’re living in Germany. Or you can do what many do, and stick it out until you return home. But sometimes, there is just that one thing that you crave. Having to wait a week or so for your family in the United States to go to the grocery store for you and pick up some treats to have them shipped to you sometimes feels like a burden. After all, how much do you really want to pay for a bottle of ranch? The truth is, care packages are nice, but they’re not something that you can get used to every week without feeling the weight of the monetary burden.

And when you know that all these things are available in a Military Base that is so close to you, you can almost smell it, you may feel a bit of disappointment. However, provided you do have a family member or friend who lives on base, you may be granted access. Be sure to bring your passport with you and keep in mind that you will not be allowed in all areas. You will also not be allowed to make any purchases and the person you are with may get in trouble if the supervisors learn that the shopping being done is for your benefit. So if you are willing to take the risk, be very, very cautious.

Many expats have made friends who live on the base and are happy to take a list of goodies that they can pick up for them. However, there are many people who are unhappy about the occurrence and are adamant to report anyone they find breaking the law.


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