Some Little Known and Interesting ‘Hidden Gems’ in Germany

There are so many places to see in Germany. Of course there are the popular tourist attraction like the Neuschwanstein, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin wall and all the government buildings in Berlin. But what about those places that are tucked away and seemingly untouched? They too, exist in Germany. So on your next vacation be sure to check out some of Germany’s hidden gems and explore parts of the country that many tourists never see.

Rugen Cliffs: This splendid place is located in the Baltic Sea. As if the chalk white cliffs weren’t enough to leave you in awe, Rugen Cliffs hosts a number of spas and other retreats where tourists can enjoy a relaxing day. Fishing in calm and serenity is what attracts a lot of people to the area. The views are astonishing, and each photograph that you take will be as breathtaking as the last. Even, Einstein traveled here, so take it from a genius that the Rugen Cliffs really are great.

Swabian Alb: There’s a certain beauty to volcanoes, apart from the dangerous aspects of course. So it’s no wonder that something so magnificent, so beautiful is the result of a lot of volcanic activity. Spas and hotels, castles that kiss the sky, they can all be found here. And it goes without saying that the geological history is something you’ll want to experience. You’ll find museums that carefully display prehistoric fossils so that you too can see the treasures held within the Swabian Alb.

Meissen: If you’re someone who knows their porcelain, then the name Meissen is no stranger to you. This wonderful region is home to the high quality Meissen Porcelain. Visitors are offered the opportunity to take a tour of the factory, see where it all started and be blown away by some of the amazing porcelain creations held in the museum.

Cospudener See: Located in Leipzig, this beautiful getaway is perfect for those interested in taking bike tours, going sailing, or swimming in the lake. If you’re one who likes to bare it all, there are sections of the lake where clothing is optional. Being able to take advantage of a sauna is also one of the things that visitors appreciate, as the sauna is right along the lake and thus they don’t have to travel away from this perfect location to enjoy this luxury.

Basteibrücke: Not too far from Dresden is the Basteibrücke. The bridge is constructed from sandstone and links several colossal rock formations to each other. The location is open for unforgettable sight seeing through the winter and through the summer and so regardless of what time of year you plan on vacationing to Germany, the opportunity is there to see the Basteibrücke.

Burg Satzvey: This medieval castle is remarkable, almost like something out of a fairytale. The attraction is even more phenomenal during the Christmas season where visitors can enjoy the medieval style markets hosted on the grounds surrounding the castle. During this time there is no shortage of souvenirs, and the wide selection of food is guaranteed to appease your palate.


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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