Spas in Germany

For all those who work hard and are almost always hard at work, a spa day every now and then is a great way to relieve some stress as well as to get a little bit of healthy water therapy in. Germany does not have a shortage of spas and thus taking advantage of this means of leisure is quite easy to do. Sure enough, you won’t have to drive to far to find one. Whether you’re looking for a spa that is simply for relaxation and a day away from reality, or you’re in search of a spa with medicinal properties, Germany has something for you.


A heilbad, is a healing bath and are solely medicinal. In older times, they were believed to offer cure for certain ailments. Spa towns in Germany are noted with a Bad in front of their name. For example Bad Pyrmont, Bad Bevensen, any many other towns have adopted this prefix. However, the addition of Bad to a town’s name is something that needs to be approved by the federal sector that deals with health as that town has to meet a certain criteria when it comes to the quality of the air as well as the quality of the water. Those with predetermined conditions of stress, anxiety, migraines, and sleeping disorders as well as those with a physical disability are usually the ones who make the most use of the Heilbad.

Some medical insurances cover visits to a Heilbad. To be able to take advantage of this luxury, one would have to get a referral from their doctor and of course ensure that your particular insurance will stand the costs. This doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t go for your own personal purposes, because you definitely can.

Types of Heilbad.

.      Kneip spa

2.      Sea spa

3.      Marsh spa

4.      Salt water spa

5.      Mineral spa

Thermal spas

Thermal spas lean more toward the recreational relaxation aspect of things. Thermal spas, or Thermen offer a wide range of things to get you relaxed, and looking radiant as well as feeling free. Apart from being in a space where there is a minimal amount of noise, and the atmosphere is as zen as can be, there are a lot of other things offered in thermal spas for wellness. Thermal spas typically offer massages, facials, tanning bed, pedicure and manicures, and facials. They make a great location for a girl outing, or personal day, and of course are a great idea for an anniversary presents or valentines day treat.

Top choice for Thermes

.      Baden-Baden: Caracalla Therme

2.    Taunus Therme

3.      Therme Bad Wörishofen

4.      Mediterania

5.      Therme Erding

6.      Palm Oasis

These places will have you thinking you’re in another world. They add the perfect touch of luxury but still adhere to the level of comfort needed. When taking a day trip to one of these wonderful places, keep in mind that you may have to ditch the swimming costume, and bare all in the saunas.


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