Supplemental Medical/Health Insurances (Zusatzversicherung) in Germany

Insurance is important because things happen in life that we have no control of and didn’t budget for. Without insurance, life could potentially be a lot more expensive than it already is. This is evident in countries without public healthcare, where citizens may find themselves filing for bankruptcy due to unfortunate events, health conditions that require constant care or even surgery, and numerous other occurrences that weren’t prepared for.

Apart from just regular health care in Germany, where everyone is required by law to have health insurance, there are a number of other things that protection is offered for. This falls under the category of supplemental health insurance and covers the things that your public or private health insurance may not cover. This helps to relieve the financial burden that may materialize, due to one misfortune or the other.

Long term nurse care

Fortunately this is something covered by both your public and private health insurance. Those with private health insurance are required to pay a premium and those with public health insurance follow the salary based deduction, where a percentage is taken out of their pay each month.

Travel Health Insurance

Many things can happen while traveling. You can reach your destination only to realize that your luggage hasn’t quite made it there with you. You may even show up at the airport, on time, prepared to depart, only to learn that your flight has been canceled. Occurrences such as these are usually taken care of by regular travel insurance.

And then there’s sickness. It’s terrible enough when one falls ill during a vacation. What is even worse, however, is not knowing how, where and when to look in order to be able to afford the costs that come with receiving the care you need. It is therefore essentially important that you know what your travel insurance covers and perhaps opt for a more comprehensive plan just to be certain.

Income Protection Insurance

Traditional Insurances offer income protection in the sense that you receive a portion of your salary when you are sick and therefore unable to work. This coverage is typically effective for the first 42 days of absence, but may dwindle thereafter. It is important that when you are deciding on what form of coverage you want, that you take these things into consideration, and thus plan ahead and plan for the unknown, unwanted surprises that may take place.

Accident Insurance

Companies usually offer a certain level of accident coverage that come into effect for accidents that happen in the work place. For general accident coverage, some aspects may be covered by your national health insurance. It is important to speak with your insurance agent to ensure that you do indeed have the best coverage possible. Occurrences that are covered may include, loss of limb, and even loss of life due to an accident. With an accidental death policy, your family, or whoever you have named beneficiary, will receive a  lump sum in the event of death.


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