Swiss International School in Fellbach, Stuttgart

The Swiss International School (SIS) in Fellbach-Stuttgart is a private, bilingual school that caters to English and German speaking students. Located in Fellbach, they offer courses for preschool through secondary school to local and international students. Teachers speak roughly half English and half German to their students throughout the years in attendance. In preschool and primary school, the languages are split fairly evenly in most classes—in secondary school, the teacher’s primary language dominates the classroom, giving the students some classes in English and some in German.


Preschool is for children ages 3-6. Starting at age 3, children play, learn, and create in a bilingual environment. The preschool is meant to stimulate creativity and learning in young children. It is also a place for social interaction and personal development.

Primary School

Primary school is for children ages 6-0 in grades -4. While most classes are taught in equal parts German and English, some of the specialized subjects may be taught in one language by one teacher. The children’s school day includes time for learning, play, and relaxation. The Swiss International School offers homework supervision during afterschool care for primary school students.

Secondary School

The Secondary school is for children ages 0-8 in grades 5-2, and prepares students for higher education —students are exposed to equal parts English and German; however each class is taught in one language. Times for independent study and homework are offered during the school day for secondary school students. Graduating students of the Swiss International School are qualified for university entrance. The SIS is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, a program geared toward creating well-rounded students and preparing students for university and real world experience.


There is a one-time entrance fee of 800€ due when signing the school contract. Tuition for preschool is approximately 5244€ per year for 3 year-olds and 764€ per year for 4-6 year-olds. Tuition for primary school is approximately 6444€ per year, and for secondary school 6984€ per year. The cost of text books is included in the tuition fees — there are additional fees for school lunches and after school care programs. The Swiss International School does offer partial scholarships to families who need and qualify for them, as well as a 0% sibling discount if multiple children from the same family attend the school. Some local, gifted students may qualify for a limited number of Dr. Karl Eisele and Elisabeth Eisele Foundation scholarships.

The Swiss International School is an exceptional private school for both international and local students who want a bilingual education. The school is an excellent means for preparation for university level education with all that it has to offer its students.


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