Swiss TV Guide

Being a multilingual nation, there is plenty of varied culture to be found on Swiss TV, with channels from Germany, France and Italy all available. Some US and UK channels are available as basic packages, such as; BBC, ITV and CNN International.

The main Swiss channels are RTS, SRF (, 2 and info), but there are also more targeted channels available, such as 3+ and Nickelodeon Schweiz.

If you’re struggling to find content in Switzerland, there are several more advanced options available. If you have a solid Internet connection, services like Zattoo will offer a combination of live streaming and video on demand in high-definition for 65CHF per year or 8CHF per month. It also comes with other benefits such as; being able to save episodes, pause and rewind live TV and being able to watch anything that has aired in the past seven days.

Swisscom offer a variety of TV packages which can be bundled in with your Internet and fixed telephone connection. They also offer a variety of other features available for varying rates, including a cinema service, 7 day rewind and simultaneous recording (think TiVo or SKY high-definition).

Sporting fans needn’t miss out on their favorite teams while they’re in Switzerland either. Swisscom TV also offer live sporting events on a pay-per-view basis for local football (soccer) and ice hockey. European football is another possibility, including English Premier League and La Liga matches. Also available are Formula , Tennis and Golf.

Do be aware that anyone that owns a device capable of receiving radio or television of any kind must register for and pay the billag license. Getting caught without one can result in a hefty fine! It costs 462.40CHF per year for radio and TV, which is paid quarterly.


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