The Accompanying Spouses’ Support Club

Leaving your native country and moving to Germany or any other foreign location for that matter is never easy. There’s the packing, the traveling, the settling in and not to mention the friends, or lack thereof. Sometimes that’s the part that is missed the most. Sure, you perhaps had all these plans of going to the cafe and striking up conversation with all the locals and making tons and tons of new friends. However, it never seems to work out that way. Either the energy, after unpacking and getting the furniture into place isn’t there, or you couldn’t really bring yourself to talk to these strangers, not knowing if they’ll respond favorably or if you’ll just be standing embarrassed in your lonesome. Your spouse is off to work, the kids are playing around in kindergarten and you’ve done much more cleaning than what needed to be done, so what now?

The Accompanying Spouses’ Support Group in Berlin. This is a great way to make new friends, a reason to get out of the house and hop on a train to some place you’ve never been to before. Created by people just like you, The Accompanying Spouses’ Support Club is filled with people in the same situation that you find yourself in. Just like you, they started out in this unfamiliar country, wondering where to turn to in order to meet someone they could have coffee with every once in a while. With lots of members and more people joining in, there’s always something going on within the group. They are very open to newcomers and welcome them wholeheartedly as they know just how frustrating it can be not having that familiarity that one is used to back home.

How do you get into this clique?

It’s rather simple actually. Sign up to the toytowngermany website and find the forum The Accompanying Spouses’ Support Group, post something short and sweet and wait a few minutes to see all the replies roll in, one after the other. Regular meetings are set up on the forum and a meeting point is given. Add your name to the list of people joining the meet and greet and be on your way to making lifelong friends who you’ll be able to ditch the housework for. In no time, you’ll be bubbling with your new found friends, sharing recipes, learning German together and most importantly, exploring Berlin.

The Accompanying Spouses’ Support Group is great. It has brought so many people together and allowed them to feel at home in a world that seemed so strange, so new, so mysterious. They’ll help you to get acquainted with all the unfamiliar things, they’ll let you in on little secrets about the area, and you’ll always have someone to call on when the days at home feel too long and drawn out. You’ll have people who know exactly what you’re going through, because they too have either gone through it, or are going through it right along with you. 


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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