The Postal Service in Germany

Being away from home, you’ll surely want to send letters or postcards back to your loved ones to let them know what a splendid time you’re having in Germany. Thankfully postal services exist. And when it comes to the German postal service, you will not be disappointed.

Apart from the most popular postal service in Germany, Deutsche Post DHL, you’ve got a list of other services you can use to get your letters and packages to their ultimate destination.

Here are a few of the available options:

·         Air Berlin

·         Eurodis

·         Hermes

·         Iloxx

·         FedEx

·         UPS

Being the most popular postal service in Germany, DHL is perhaps the company that you’ll see the most, proudly displaying its bright yellow shade and may also be the one that will be your first option. Apart from offering very reasonable prices, Deutsche Post DHL are both trust worthy and speedy. Most letter deliveries in Germany, a whopping 95%, are delivered nationwide within the next business day.

If you’ve got a package that you need to keep an eye on, you’ll be able to as you are provided a tracking code that you can dial into the DHL website at any time and see where it is. Being able to keep a tab on things is convenient and also offers you the security, that if you’ve sent an important package somewhere or are waiting to receive one, you won’t have to sit through long telephone conversations in order to find out it’s location.

One thing to avoid is sending money or other valuables via regular mail. If there is something you absolutely can’t afford to lose then check if the postal service you are using offers some for of insurance for valuable as well as a more secure means of delivery.

What happens if you’re not home to receive a package?

If you happened to have stepped out during the time that your package was delivered you can either schedule a new date for it to be brought to your home, or pick it up at the post office. In other case, your neighbour may sign for the package and a note will be left in your mailbox informing you of this. Another option which you may want to look into if you receive lots of packages, is getting a card for the post office where your packages will be brought when there is no one home to accept them. This is convenient as you can retrieve your package outside of the post office’s operating hours.

What are the costs like?

Post throughout Germany

Prices vary depending on size.

The cost of mailing a letter ranges from 45 cents to 2.40 euros.

The cost of mailing a package ranges from 3.90 euros to .90 euros.

International Packages

The cost of mailing a letter ranges from .75 cents to 6.90 euros.

The cost of mailing a package ranges from 8.90 euros to 42.00 euros.

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