Tips for Expats From Hamburg Insiders

Hamburg, Germany, has been regarded by many expats who have been lucky enough to live there as one of the best expat destinations in the world.   

Hamburg’s expatriate population  is approximately 0,000, consisting of many expats from the U.S. and Great Britain.

Home to some of the most hospitable folks Germany has to offer, you and your family will ease right into the environment, culture, and lifestyle.  The only hiccup you’ll have is turning your new living quarters into a place you can call home.

Moving to another country is by no means an easy task. There’s packing to do, flights to catch, and way too many goodbyes to say. However, the ultimate challenge is yet to come. Will you be able to make a home here? Will you find that perfect place to rest your head at night and slip away into the sweetest of dreams?

Whether you’re a young traveler looking to meet people and check out nightlife, or a family looking to relocate in a friendly neighborhood, Hamburg has plenty of options!  From its young, eclectic neighborhoods like Schanzenviertel and Ottensen, to the family-friendly districts of Wandsbek and Bergedorf, there are plenty of sights within walking distance to meet your tastes! 

Hamburg has proven to be an excellent relocation choice time and time again.  

Here are our top 3 tips about places not to miss!

·     The Fabrik: A flea market with serious cultural flare! Provides a stage for rock, jazz, and classical concerts as well as poetry readings and political debates.  

·     Erika’s Eck: A hole in the wall restaurant with authentic German food and interesting late night locals.

·     Human Empire Shops: Unique products from clothing and skateboards to posters and children’s books. This place is a hidden gem for artwork and souvenirs.

Do you have your own favorite spots or tips for your fellow expats?  Join the conversation!


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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