Top Relocation Destinations in Switzerland

There is no denying that Switzerland is an exceptionally attractive country to relocate to. Although the cost of living is one of the highest in the world, there are many benefits to go along with it. With hardly any crime, world-class healthcare and education systems and some of the best ski resorts in the world, the Swiss have got it made.

The Mercer quality of life survey ranked both Geneva and Zurich in the top ten best places to live, out of over 200 locations. There is no reason to doubt that either of these cities will suffice when looking at where to relocate, but there are a few other options for expats to consider as well.


If you are seeking a place in with political atmosphere and linguistic diversity, then Berne may be your place. This city is the capital of Switzerland and located between the French and German districts of the country. With the plateaus to the west and mountains in the east, the city is listed as a world heritage site.


Of course with a high quality of life rating, comes popularity among expats and travellers alike. It is not hard to see why the city of Zurich has been granted this title, as it is safe, has multi-lingual schools, it is centrally located and it is the largest city in the country. Public transport makes it very easy to reach the city that is only an hour away from most other major cities. Or you can easily pop over to the Alps for a weekend on the slopes in only a couple hours from Zurich.  


Another destination that is a great option for expats, who want an easily accessible city, is Basel. With a population of less than 200,000, the north western city is a main corridor to France and Germany. Basel is also home of Switzerland’s major seaport and can be accessed by boat. This multicultural city is a very popular expat community, with over 30% of its residents from other countries.  


The beauty and humanitarian feel of Geneva is one of the reasons most people visit this Swiss city. Home to some of worlds most well known humanitarian organisations and a 40ft water fountain in Lake Geneva, this city is truly unique. The French-speaking city is packed with quintessential Swiss characteristics. Boasting quays, parks and some of the best shopping in the world. It is the cities multicultural and diplomatic popularity that has awarded it the highest cost of living in Switzerland.    


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