Touring More of the Countryside in Germany

In between going to festivals, shopping, and trying all the different and wonderful beers that Germany has to offer, you can take time to explore the greener parts of Germany. The country that is so famed for its festivals is also filled with beautiful and majestic places to visit. Take the opportunity to get some fresh air and see what the German countryside and forests have to offer.

Spreewald Nature Preserve

In eastern Germany there is a huge expanse of nature preserve where you can go and explore. Declared an important biosphere by UNESCO, this area has 250 miles of waterways that you can explore by boat. There are campgrounds, hotels, and farms that take guests, if you would like to get the full experience of this beautiful place.

Fairy Grottoes

The Fairy Grottoes have been dubbed the “most multicolored grottoes in the world” by the Guinness Book of World Records. Surrounded by forest, these massive and beautiful caverns started out as mines in about 530. As the centuries went by, the chemical interactions between the water and the minerals created the multicolored spectacle that it is today. Outside the grottoes are restaurants, a forest, and a kids’ playground.

Puffers in the Harz

Ride one of the three steam railways through the Harz Mountains and experience the breathtaking views of the wilderness throughout the mountains. Book your trip along with some hiking and stops at restaurants along the way.

The “5-Lakes” District

Swim, boat, sail, and canoe in the lakes, and then hit the trails and forest paths in the mountains. While you are there, visit the Andechs Monastery for their famous beer, their beautiful church, and the gorgeous views of the Alps. Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, ride one of the electric or steam boats on the lakes, or take a bike ride and enjoy the scenery.

May Concert Festival

Out in Schwetzingen, in central Germany, is an old palace that holds an annual concert festival. There are live bands playing on the palace grounds every July as well. Enjoy the music, palace, forest, and gardens in this beautiful town.

Maritime Museum

Up in Wilhelmshaven in northern Germany is an old German Naval base, the largest in the country. Check out the tanker port, the maritime museum, the aquarium, the Oceanis theme park, the national park center, and the coastal museum along the beach in this beautiful and educational town.

Papenburg Cruise Ships

This town in Northern Germany is the construction site of massive cruise ships. The ships built there can be as high as 5 stories. Watch these humongous ships sail, towering over the countryside and the trees.

While the typical sightseeing and festival going is quite fun, it is also nice to get away from the center of things. Head out on one of these more remote, nature-filled, and less populated adventures to get a better and well-rounded experience of Germany. While living in Germany, you should try to experience as much as you can, and you should see just how beautiful the country can be.


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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