Unusual restaurants

The most unusual restaurants in Germany.

Unique, unusual or just down right strange? That’s up for you to decide. The German culture in itself isn’t a strange one, in fact it’s more on the conservative side. So when you find restaurants in this country that are so out of the box and in some cases cringe worthy, there’s no way you won’t be interested. You’ll get some great food in Germany, possibly even some of the best you’ve tasted. You’ll perhaps even sit in fancy restaurants and coffee houses that beam luxury only to find that the prices really aren’t as exuberant as you had expected. But these places, the ones where you might be tempted to hold your breath before walking in, they will wow you.

First, there’s the Klo. Certainly we’ve all been told by our grandmothers and grandfathers not to eat where we… do our business. Well, that’s okay, because at Klo, you’ll be drinking. The seating choice in this wonderful bar, is as bizarre as it gets. You’ve got the choice between a toilet, or a coffin. And if your appetite starts kicking in, make sure you’re willing and able to take on the challenge of eating yummy sausages out of a potty. Strange? I’m sure you’d agree. For the ladies who have to make their way to the actual restroom, keep your fingers to yourselves because there is a figure waiting patiently for you to lift his kilt. And when you do, everyone will know you did by means of a loud siren altering everyone in the bar.

With gluten allergies and phobias on the rise Sauvage offers a great dining option who want to do a bit more for their health and are planning on entering a Paleo diet lifestyle, this restaurant is heaven. Even if you haven’t taken on any particular dietary plan, Sauvage is so great, it might make you change your mind. The menu is extensive and if someone hadn’t told you that their food was gluten free, you wouldn’t know. Delicious, succulent dining and a nice, candle lit atmosphere, Sauvage brings out the brilliance in natural foods.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re the kind who would rather skip the amusement parks during the summer, you will love ‘s Baggers. The concept of this restaurant is phenomenal. Look up and you’ll see the roller coaster structures waiting to give your food an exciting journey to your table. And if things weren’t techy enough, your waitress won’t be the one taking your order. You’ve got your touch screen waiting to be pushed and prodded to prompt the chefs to whip you up something good.

The Shy Chef has amazing concept and interchanging locations. You’ll have no idea where you’re dining until the actual date, where you’ll receive the address. Even more spectacular, you’ll make new friends, because you’ll be seated at a table with complete strangers and be able to meet the Shy Chef. And the price for your dining experience, is however much you can afford, because all you’re expected to do is make a donation, there is no set price.


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