VDSL experience in Germany

VDSL stands for very-high-bit-rate subscriber line. It is a type data transmission technology, especially for broadband internet, that allows a very large amount of data to be transmitted. Starting with VDSL in the early 2000s the advantages compared to other connections such as modems was obvious. Quickly the next generation of VDSL, VDSL 2 was developed and then approved in 2006. These second generation VDSL connections allow a much greater streaming speed than VDSL , ADSL and other connections. With download speeds of up to 50mbit/s it isn’t just a perfect option for those working from home, but also those who enjoy watching movies online and don’t appreciate long buffering times to disrupt their movie time. VDSL connections use the regular copper phone lines generally installed in people’s homes. While this is very convenient, it has one big downside. It can only operate over copper lines for short distances of no more than just over one kilometer. Phone companies are increasingly resolving this issue by replacing their old main feeds with new fiber-optic cables. The optic signals traveling through the fiber-optic cables are then converted in VDSL-gateways connected to your home copper lines. This solves the distance problem for the greatest part and allows users of VDSL to surf the internet, watch HD digital television and make phone calls simultaneously.

For most people the important question regarding VDSL is whether to get Kabel Deutschland 00 mbit/s broandband DSL or to go with other companies that advertise their VDSL-based DSL connections with download stream speeds of up to 50 mbit/s at roughly the same price. While at first glance it seems rather obvious which service to choose, it is actually much more difficult than that. In many cases the 00 mbit/s connections by Kabel Deutschland lose some of their download speeds during high times when many people in the neighborhood are using their internet connections. VDSL connections have a much steadier speed rate that is hardly ever influenced by other users. Another advantage of VDSL connections is that they generally offer higher upstream speeds. While the difference may not make a difference when uploading small files, the difference gets much more obvious when uploading larger files such as videos or hundreds of pictures to the internet. Users of 50 mbit/s VDSL connections will be able to do so quicker than with Kabel Deutschland’s DSL.

One of the companies most heavily advertising their VDSL-connection is &. While the prices offered are generally lower compared to other companies, & is infamous for their bad customer service. Many people complain about slow transition times when moving as well as the help provided with technical issues.

In order to get a pretty good idea about the VDSL options available, use one of the many websites offering comparisons of the companies. This way it is easy to scope out the best price in the area, with numerous websites offering special bonuses if a VDSL service is ordered directly through them. One of the easiest portals to use is http://www.toptarif.de/dsl/vdsl .


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