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Alura Lounge Chair and Hocker...

Rent an Alura lounge chair and stay flexible Alura armchair, upholstered with heavy dark gray upholstery fabric and 5-star chrome base. Lean back and relax in your new lounge chair. Enjoy wonderful hours of relaxation in your new lounge chair. Even the design of the shape and fabric in dark gray reveals the coziness that […]


Armchair Hamina

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Armchair Hamina

Rent the Hamina armchair and stay flexible The Hamina armchair has a very special charm. With its elegant metal legs and leather upholstery, the armchair ensures serenity and comfort at the same time.   Details Material: Genuine leather Color: Sand brown   Dimensions 60 cm (length) x 60 (width) x 80 cm (height)   Our […]


Dillon Armchair

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Dillon Armchair

Rent a Dillon chair and stay flexible Our chair skillfully combines functionality and aesthetics. Its contemporary design not only offers comfort, but also an appealing aesthetic for any room. The sturdy frame ensures durability and stability, while the sophisticated design allows for versatile use   The details Material: Basel fabric Color: Beige   Dimensions 66 […]


Lounge Chair Houston [Loungestuhl]

[DE] Lounge Chair Houston mit Fußstütze wird für eine richtige Köperhaltung beim Sitzen geplant, um den maximalen Komfort zu gewährleisten. Die Muskelbewegung erlaubt, dass die Wirbelsäule im Gleichgewicht hält, um jede Spannung im Rücken und Schultern zu verhindern. Dank dieses Sitzes wird der Kreislauf und die Atmung aktiviert für mehr Energie und Konzentration. “Material: LiegestuhlBezug: […]


Milford Kentucky Armchair

Rent a Milford Kentucky armchair and stay flexible Our armchair combines timeless design with first-class comfort. Its modern appearance and high-quality finish offer an inviting seat for relaxing moments.   Details Color: Brown Material: Leather look   Dimensions 82.50 cm (length) x 97.00 cm (width) x 93.00 cm (height)   Our scope of service Including […]

Fogia Tondo Armchair

Rent Fogia Tonde armchairs and stay flexible The Tondo system is a demonstration of creativity and precise craftsmanship. A minimalist yet soft seating system in intelligent color schemes that finds its place in all contexts. The basic idea behind Tondo is the tension created by the interplay of opposites. It is designed to work equally […]

Lark Armchair

Rent a Lark armchair and stay flexible Stylish and comfortable: our dark blue armchair in Vic fabric combines elegance and coziness. The soft, hard-wearing texture of the fabric invites you to relax. With a sturdy wooden frame and slim metal legs, this armchair is a perfect addition to any modern home.   Details Material: Vic […]

Ramsey Grey Armchair

Rent a Ramsey armchair and stay flexible Convince yourself of the quality and design of the Ramsey armchair from AC Design. This armchair is perfect for watching TV and reading in comfort! The model from the manufacturer AC Design also looks extremely attractive   The details Material: Fabric Color: Grey   Dimensions 72 cm (length) […]

Sydney Armchair

Rent a Sydney armchair and stay flexible This accent chair beautifully combines modern and traditional styling. The combination of polyester crushed velvet upholstery and tapered clear acrylic legs makes for a cool contrast. A combination of comfort and fashionable design for the modern enthusiast. Attached back and seat cushions.   Details Color: Grey   Dimensions […]


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