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If you’re looking for an option other than Ikea to get your furniture needs taken care of, then you’re in luck. Contrary to what it may seem like, other furniture stores do actual exist in Essen, and their prices will shock you. There’s this strong belief that when it comes to furniture, Ikea does quality to cheapest, but this is not always true, not when compared to the abundance of other furniture stores in Essen.

For starters, there’s:

Möbel Kröger

Here you’re guaranteed to experience great savings on top of the line products. They’ve got quite a few stores throughout Germany, which serves as proof that they must be doing something right. Their store in Essen is pretty large and thus you could spend the entire day there looking at all the sofas, beds, kitchens, dining tables etc. that they have at amazing prices.

Phone: +49 (020) 64 64 – 0


Address: Hans-Böckler-Straße 80, 4527 Essen

Email: [email protected]

Möbel Hensel

Möbel Hensel has all the furniture that you need for your home. From fully decking out your living room, to adding some style and individuality to your bedroom, you’ll be able to accomplish it all when you shop with them. And of course, they’ve always got sales going on which makes shopping even more fun and affordable.

Phone: 020 / 8353-0


Address: 45329 EssenJohanniskirchstraße 4-20

Email: [email protected]


Roller is another furniture store that has the square meters and the stock to keep you occupied for an entire day. Their online store is up and pumping which means that you can get quite a few of their products without even having to walk through the front door. Their delivery is typically on point, and thus long waiting times aren’t generally something one experiences when shopping at Roller.

Phone: 020/7223890


Address: Altendorfer Straße 4 4527 Essen

Email: [email protected]


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