Buying furniture in Heilbronn

Knowing your budget when shopping for furniture is essential. Rather than just browsing through a furniture store and purchasing the items without enough thought, you want to a bit of beforehand planning. Really sit down with pen and paper and get your list done properly. Look at all the rooms and write down all the furniture and other tidbits that you will need to fill those rooms. You’ll also want to indicate how much you can afford to spend on each item. Having done so, add things up and determine whether or not the final number that you arrive at is a number that you will be able to afford.

If not, it may be wise to go over your list and revise it, taking out things that were wants instead of needs. Taking a look at the furniture stores in Heilbronn and their online pages will give you a better idea of what prices to expect to pay for certain items. Of course, these prices will be varied, as some furniture stores are more expensive than others.

You will also want to keep in mind the duration of your stay in Heilbronn. If only here for the short term, it may be wise to sacrifice quality on some items and purchase based on price in such a case as you won’t be needing the items for long. Rental furniture may also be a viable option depending on just how short of a stay you’re looking at or whether or not you are waiting for your furniture to be shipped from your native country.

Some furniture stores in Heilbronn include:

XXXL Shop (price range: medium)

Phone: +49-7131-487-0


Address: Neckargartacher Str. 120


Email: [email protected]

Möbel Fromm (price range: medium to expensive)

Phone: 00 49 – (0) 71 31 – 6 83 31


Address: Am Wollhaus 19

D – 74072 Heilbronn

Email: [email protected]

Schade Lamminger (price range: medium)

Phone: 07131 – 9264 -0


Address: Lämlinstraße 4174080 Heilbronn

Email: [email protected]


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