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There is no denying that shopping is a lot of fun, whether it’s clothes shopping, jewelery shopping or something a bit bigger inside, like furniture shopping. One of the great things about furniture shopping is that its usually the result of a move, and when an enticing city like Jena is involved you know the excitement just surges even more. However, to prevent the excitement from subsiding, you’ll want to ensure that you plan accordingly. With furniture delivery times in Jena often being up to 2 weeks, knowing just how you are going to work with this time frame is essential.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to get a clear idea of when you’ll be moving, how big your apartment will be and what exactly you’ll be in need of. Are you having furniture shipped from your home country? Are you already in Germany and planning on bringing some of your old furniture along? What kind of a budget are you working with? All of these questions and more will be necessary in ensuring that things run just as smoothly as you would have hoped.

Finke, Möbel Wenzel and Roller are great places to start looking for furniture in Jena. All stores have a wide variety of furniture ranging from bedroom pieces to living room furniture and also kitchens. They are all exceptionally affordable and with everything in one place, you can get a great idea of what prices to expect when furnishing each room in your new Jena apartment.

Information for Finke, Möbel Wenzel and Roller:


Phone: 0 36 4 / 234 362


Address:Stadtrodaer Str. 03 – 05

07747 Jena

Email: [email protected]

Möbel Wenzel

Phone: 0364 / 406530


Address: Saalbahnhofstraße 2

07743 Jena

Email: [email protected]


Phone:  0364/383-3


Address: 0775 Zöllnitz (Jena)Zöllnitzer Straße 2

Email: [email protected]


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