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How good is your German? If you haven’t been keeping up with the language, but are in dire need of spending some much needed time selecting furniture for your home, then having a friend who speaks German accompany you will be very beneficial to your success in finding the perfect pieces at an equally perfect price, for your home.

Many sales representative in Saarsbrücken don’t speak German and thus, if you aren’t very familiar with the language, you may have a difficult time communicating to the representative just what it is you are looking for. Two of the primary instances where German language skills will be needed is when talking about financing furniture or figuring out how long it will take for your furniture to be delivered to your home. You will want to ensure that you have a firm understanding of both these things as they will be important in determining just how successful your transaction is.

With that said, Saarbrücken is home to a lot of furniture stores and thus, finding items for your home really will not prove to be difficult.

Here are a few examples of the furniture stores you can find in the area:

Möbel Fundgrube- If there’s anywhere you can get a great deal on sofa’s, Möbel Fundgrube is the place.

Phone: 06 8 / 9 06 27-0

Am Kieselhumes , 6623 Saarbrücken

[email protected]

Möbel Wagner- With great service, excellent quality and attentive staff, you can’t go wrong when shopping at Möbel Wagner.

Phone: +49 (6893) 47

Eschringer Str. 48

663 Saarbrücken-Ensheim

[email protected]

At Möbel Martin you won’t only be afforded variety, but also lots and lots of rebates and savings on your favourite items.

Phone: +49 (0) 68 80-0

Eschberger Weg 2 · 662 Saarbrücken

[email protected]

It may be wise to contact these locations beforehand to see if they have an English speaker on their team. This will enable you to decide on whether or not a translator will be necessary.


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