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Salzburg is one of the 4 largest cities in Austria and a place that is loved by expats from all over the world. Just like any other city of its caliber, it offers great opportunities to go furniture shopping for your new home. While, many expats go straight to IKEA to do the necessary shopping, there is absolutely no need for that. Salzburg offers more than enough great options for all styles and preferences. However, you should be aware that there can be waiting times when you purchase your furniture. Up to 2 weeks are no strange occurrence when you try to purchase a piece of furniture in a color that isn’t currently available. Make sure to include this time in your planning or you may end up having to sleep on an air mattress until your bed arrives. Here are some of the options that expats have where furniture shopping is concerned.

Leiner Salzburg

The Leiner furniture store in Salzburg offers the same quality as in all other cities that have locations of this great furniture store. They offer great quality and a large variety of furniture as well as lighting and other decorative pieces that will make your home more attractive. They are also decently priced and well organized; a great store to go to for al expats and locals alike.

Leiner Salzburg

Phone: 0662/63970-0

5020 Salzburg, Adolf Schemel Strasse -3

[email protected]

Möbi Wohndiskont

The Möbi Wohndiskont in Salzburg stays true to its promises. It offers some of the most amazing prices available when it comes to furniture, while providing customers with a great variety of home improvement items alongside their furniture, as well as a friendly atmosphere.

Möbi Wohndiskont GmbH

Phone: 0043 662 643 203

Fürbergstrasse 45
A – 5020 Salzburg

[email protected]


When it comes to design and style, there is hardly a store topping PROFORM in Salzburg. Even though it is rather pricey and likely not suited for all budgets, it is a great place to visit for all expats in the Salzburg area.

PROFORM Vertriebs GmbH

Phone: +43 (0)662 87 04 02

Söllheimerstrasse 6 – Loft D
5020 Salzburg

[email protected]


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