Indian Restaurants and Curry Houses

Every once in a while we get an appetite for something that leans more towards the spicy side of decadence, something with such a rich aroma you won’t hold back, something fabulously seasoned. Something like curry. And what is the first thing we think of when we think curry? An Indian Restaurant. But you’re in Berlin and you have no idea what to expect from curry in Germany, and even more than that, you have no idea which places are good and which ones you should elegantly glide past. Well, even though curry is different wherever you go in the world, there’s no saying you won’t enjoy the variation Germany has to offer.

Here is a list of great Indian restaurants and curry houses in Berlin that are frequented and enjoyed by expats:

Masala: This restaurant has an amazing atmosphere, nice tones, beautiful lighting and exceptional food. With outdoor seating available in the warmer months, you’ll be able to enjoy the sounds of Berlin while digging in to a chicken curry meal, or whatever your favorite Indian dish may be. Masala has very friendly staff, and the owners are usually present, and willing to mix and mingle with the diners.

Maharadscha: Great Indian cuisine, in a place that is well liked by both expats and locals. Bring a group to Maharadscha and take advantage of the discounts they have to offer. Two for one specials are also available so not only will you be able to satisfy your craving, but you’ll also be doing so at a very reasonable price.

Namaskar: Once you’ve gotten past how friendly the staff is and how comfortable you feel in this restaurant, you too may be able to put Namaskar on the top of your list for Indian cuisine. It’s often been referred to by expats as the place where one can find the best Indian food in Berlin.

Kabir: A great place to enjoy a very spicy meal. Here you can typically choose the level of spiciness you want in your meal and thus avoid having an achy, burning mouth for the rest of the day. If you love things that are extra spicy, be sure to let them know and they’ll definitely whip something up to please you. Diners comment on the great hospitality they received, sometimes a free shot or two to go with their after dinner cocktail.

Amrit: The ambiance in Amrit perhaps tops those of the other Indian restaurant. The décor is absolutely astonishing, and such a great use of space. Regardless of how packed the restaurant may seem, you’re guaranteed to be seated with pretty much no waiting time. The outside patio is elegantly lit and decorated in the summer. Some expats find the food to be a bit on the bland side, while others are fascinated with its aromatic flavors. The prices are very reasonable, starting as low as 4.90 euros.

There are quite a few Indian restaurants to choose from in Berlin and thus there’s no reason to end the day without quenching your appetite for curry, and other delicious and intense spices. 


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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