Military Families

Relocation to Ramstein Airbase

Ramstein is not only home to military personnel from the United States, but also a number of American civilians working for contractors there. Civilians who work at Ramstein live in the surrounding villages in the area near the airbase. Ramstein is located in Rheinland-Pfalz. Nearby towns include Kaiserslautern or K-town, Ramstein-Miesenbach and Landstuhl.

Other cities and communities within 36 km of Ramstein include:

• Homburg

• Pirmasens

• Bexbach

• Zweibrucken

• Sankt Wendel

• Kirkel

• Neunkirchen

• Ottweiler

• Blieskastel

• Schiffweiler

• Spiesen-Elversberg

• Idar-Oberstein

• Nohfelden.

Both small houses and apartments can be found locally. However, the majority will not have kitchens installed, and carpets are not usually found in rental properties. You might be able to purchase kitchen fixtures from the former tenant, but you will need to install your own light fixtures.

You will be required to sign a lease, and probably pay at least 2 month’s rent in advance. Germany is very pet friendly,but if you travel with your pets, you need to make sure that this is specified in any lease you sign.

Some contractors are willing to subsidize housing and pay for shipping of household goods, and others are not. If you need furnishings for your new home contact, and they will help you with all of your household furnishing needs.

Ramstein has a train station, but it is not convenient transportation to and from the air base, so most contract employees choose to obtain a vehicle to use during the duration of their stay.


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