Mobile Phone Service When Traveling to Germany.

One of your main concerns when traveling to Germany, after the accommodation, transportation and flight has been taken care of, is being able to call home. Whether or not your cell phone may work in Germany perhaps scares you a bit because there may be one or two phone calls that you can’t afford to miss. If you’re traveling without your family, you’ll want to ensure that they’ll be able to contact you just to say hello, or to update you on any emergencies that may arise. Traveling for a short time, whether its vacation or a business meeting, it seems unnecessary to spend money on a new phone and a new contract, when you’ll only be needing it for a few weeks or a month at the most. Fortunately there are quite a few solutions that will enable you to keep regular contact with your family and associates back home, while not having to shell out ridiculous amounts of cash in order to do so.

Will your current cellphone work in Germany?

Perhaps. This all depends on the frequency of your phone. Cellphones that are quad band or tri band should have no problems when it comes to functionality in Germany. If you to have a phone that is equipped with the right frequencies you will be able to both make as well as receive phone calls from your cellphone when in Germany. Check with your service provider to see what prices are applied for roaming. Roaming is usually rather expensive and so you may opt for a more cost efficient alternative. SIM cards are available at most electronic stores as well as grocery stores and gas stations. This is usually a lot cheaper than roaming. Be sure to check the prices for international calls before you have purchase a SIM card to ensure that you are getting the best deal to call home.

Should I rent a cellphone?

Renting a cell phone is another way to prevent all the costs that come with roaming as well as the necessity to buy a new phone which you’ll only need for your stay in Germany. Cellphones can be rented at the airport,however, they are typically a lot more expensive than renting one online.

Buying a German cellphone?

Buying a German cellphone is a great option for those staying in Germany for a longer duration of time or planning on traveling frequently to and from Germany. You can opt for a cellphone that has a contract. Contracts are usually 24 months and offer a wide selection of cellphones to choose from; some phones may be free of cost with a contract. Phones purchased on a contract tend to have SIM lock   and therefore unless jailbroken, only SIM cards from the same provider will work.

Weigh your options and figure out which route is the best and most cost efficient one to take. With video chat services like Skype, communicating with family and friends in another country is a lot easier and more personable. Taking advantage of these free opportunities may be a smart choice and can save you a lot of money that you would otherwise be spending on international phone calls. 


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