Preschools, Playgroups, Playschools and Kindergartens in Munich.

One great thing about Germany is that they have lots of places where children can spend their days and get to play with others their own age. Preschools, playschools, playgroups are very easy to find and more than likely you’ll have one not located too far away from your home. Young children need to be able to interact with other children as a part of the learning and growing process. Especially for English speaking children with parents whose only language is English it’s necessary that they get exposed to German and learn the language while they are in Germany. You will be amazed at how fast they pick things up and in just a matter of time your child will be bilingual.

The staff working in these groups are usually very friendly and attentive. They won’t hesitate to tell you all about your child’s day and ensure you that everything is okay. More than likely at the beginning you will have to accompany your child and help him or her to ease into the environment. This part of the system is great as rather than leaving your child in a strange environment on the very first day, you get to ease them in step by step and soon enough, they will be having too much fun to realize you have left. This is also great for the parents as they get an idea of what the day to day activities are like in the group and they also get to know the people who will be looking after their child for a large portion of the day better.

Some  Preschools Playschools, Playgroups and Kindergartens also offer both English and German and so your child will be able to keep practicing his or her native language. Most of these groups will have both native English and native German speakers.

Here are some great Preschools Playschools, Playgroups and Kindergartens in the Munich area.

Name: English Montessori Preschool
Address: Perhamerstr. 49, Munich Laim
Telephone number: 089 5460855


Name: International Montessori English Speaking Pre-School e.V.
Address: Asamstraße
854 München


Name: Gymboree Play & Music München
Address: Forum Bogenhausen
Richard-Strauss-Strasse 80, 8679 München
Telephone number: 089 2323 2996
Email address: [email protected]

Name: Rainbow Preschool
Address: Joseph-Retzer-Str., Munich Pasing
Telephone number: 0842 506485

Email address: [email protected]


Name: Chocolate Butterflies e.V.
Address: Gaissacherstr. 2, Munich Sendling
Telephone Number: 089 7460700
Email address: [email protected]


Name: Munich Mommies and Munchkins
Munich, Germany
Telephone number: 0522 766 3746
Email address: [email protected]


Name: Kinderhaus Laterne
Address: Balanstr. 36
8539 München

Telephone number: 089 4 527 73

Email address: [email protected]

Name: International House for Kids
Address: Nymphenburger Str. 20
80636 München

Telephone number: 089 27 3 64

Email address: [email protected]


Name: Elly und Stoffel

Address: Röntgenstraße 5
8679 Munich
Telephone number: +49 (89)  66 66 33 99 – 5
E-Mail Address: [email protected]



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