Private Health Insurance – Advice and Recommendations

Health insurance can be extremely complicated and confusing, even more so when having to deal with it in a whole new country. The benefits of private health insurance in Germany are better coverage overall and better treatment by the insurance company as well as the doctors and hospital staff. The first step in getting private health insurance in Germany is to choose the insurance company that works best for you. It can be quite helpful to ask neighbors, friends, and coworkers which insurance company they have, if they do not have government health insurance.

International insurance is another option available to expatriates living in Germany. When searching for an international health insurance provider, be sure to speak to an insurance broker who specializes in international insurance or working with expatriates, as not all international insurance companies will be accepted in Germany.

When searching for a private or international insurance company, it is important to keep in mind the kind of coverage you are looking for. Most companies cover the basics, but if you are looking for optimal dental coverage or pregnancy and birth coverage, you will want to make sure that is available from the company you choose. Do the research and ask questions so that you get the best coverage possible.

A Few Recommendations

To help out, here is a list of private health insurance companies and international health insurance companies available to expatriates living in Germany as well as insurance brokers who can help with the process of finding private health insurance.

·         Matz-Townsend Finanzplanung

·         TechnikerKrankenkasse

·         Expacare

·         Optimum Capital Management

·         ChamberveltRooselain& Cie. Ltd.

·         Care Concept

·         Dival

·         SBK

·         mawista

·         Competence Exclusive

·         DKV

Tips and Advice

Choosing a private or international health insurance company and plan can seem like a daunting task. In order to make a decision, try to approach one thing at a time. Start by figuring out what kind of coverage you are going to want in your plan. Will you need holistic and alternative medicines covered, such as acupuncture? Will you need extra dental coverage, as dental work can be extremely costly? Create a list of the most important aspects of your health care that you want covered before you begin your research.

Once you have figured out what kind of coverage you are looking for, check out the websites listed above. Some will have applications to fill out so that you can find out exactly what coverage you can get and at what cost. Keep detailed notes of what each company or broker has to offer, so that you can compare the companies against one another after you have finished your research.

At this point, your choice should be much simpler. There may be quite a few companies and options to choose from, but the best option for you is out there and is accessible.

Moving to another country is stressful enough on its own; hopefully the information provided is enough to assist in easing the transition and to make finding health insurance much simpler for you.


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